Yury Kaganov

​Yury Kaganov is the founder and CEO of MyDealerOnline, Inc, a company that is modernizing a standard automotive wholesale-retail process, by enabling dealers to offer hundreds of cars to their customers without associated floor planning and real estate holding costs, effectively helping dealers to convert more sales without upfront spending.

Previously Yury Kaganov co-founded and ran RideSafely.com, the 1st technology integrator and the broker for the on-line auto auctions, which enabled consumers around the world to to purchase auctioned vehicles from various Insurance Companies, Wholesalers, Fleets and Franchise Dealers through one centralized online portal.

In 2008 HaulMatch.com got spun off from RideSafely operations as an independent transportation dispatch company, which provides the vehicle transportation services for the major auction houses and their customers. The technological innovation of the company is the HaulMatch transportation calculator, an intellegent tool that generates an instant and guaranteed shipping quote for any vehicle, taking into consideration multiple criteria, such as vehicle parameters and weight, distance, preferred routes, etc.

In 2010 RideSafely has opened the 1st salvage auction in Dubai to service various Insurance Companies in the region, which was successfully sold to Copart in 2012.

Mr. Kaganov has over 20 years of experience in automotive industry, including running a high growth business and over 15 years experience in Technology. In addition to expertise in North American automotive markets, he has extensive knowledge of European and Middle Eastern markets.

Prior to co-founding RideSafely.com, Mr. Kaganov worked as a technology consultant for major US IT companies and financial institutions.