NOVEMBER 5TH & 6TH, 2019

Bringing together Visionary Investors with Progressive Dealers, Innovative Entrepreneurs and Cutting-Edge Automakers

We are returning to Austin TX in 2019!

Created by The Banks Report,  and hosted by CarStory, AUTOVATE 2019 is a one-of-a-kind summit where dealer executives, investors, entrepreneurs and automakers will lead the conversation about the future of automotive retail.

At our 2019 event, attendees will:

  • Hear how dealer groups, OEMs and technology firms are preparing for the Next Ten Years
  • Preparing the dealership for Electric Vehicles
  • Discover potential revenue opportunities the coming era of the Connected Vehicle will bring
  • Learn about Blockchain technology and how it will — or won’t — impact today’s automotive retail model
  • Separate the fact from the hype surrounding Digital Retailing and Online Transaction Models
  • Learn about the fast-approaching era of Over-the-Air Service Updates
  • Identify how dealerships are uniquely positioned to leverage Flexible Ownership Models and how dealers are turning their subscription solutions into profitable operations
  • Evaluate cutting-edge Investment Opportunities in automotive retail
  • Understand how today’s vendor M&A Market impacts innovation
  • See how new Hyper-Targeted Marketing firms are integrating data to identify and interact with customers in ways never before seen
  • Hear how Fixed Operations will be the next battleground for innovation
  • Learn how to read the signs of the Dealership Buy-Sell Market


$899.00 — Register Today


There is no better place for an automotive summit than in Downtown Austin in early November.

With an average November temperature of 67 degrees, Austin is the perfect setting for an evening downtown stroll while experiencing its vibrant and vintage music scene.

And of course, Austin has become a cutting edge technology and investment hub, making it the perfect area to learn about and create new solutions with new revenue streams for your dealership.

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